You must have heard about garcinia cambogia, the fruit that is believed to aid weight loss. It is a tropical fruit that is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In the older times, garcinia cambogia was used in meals to give them a sour taste, however, today, the fruit has been commonly used in weight loss supplements for its powers to shed weight.

The skin of garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid, the biological compound that has proven to assist weight loss. The article is based on some interesting facts about garcinia cambogia, whether or not it helps in losing weight and what research has to say about this ‘super fruit’

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G3000-CentreGarcia cambogia grabbed attention when few speculated that the fruit holds weight loss powers. Even since, many studies have been conducted on the fruit. These studies were based on humans, as well as animals, both.

According to these, the fruit can reduce hunger and more importantly, control weight. Basically, studies found out that garcinia cambogia play a vital role in inhibiting the making of an enzyme called citrate lyase. Citrate lyase assists the body in producing weight, thus, when the production of this enzyme tends to restrict, your body automatically makes fewer fat. When it comes to its appetite suppressing effects, the fruit has found to elevate the making of serotonin, a hormone that is believed to control hunger. All in all, the fruit has proven to control weight and curb hunger to a significant point.

Interestingly, the fruit has proven to cut belly fat, which is perhaps the place where your body stocks fats more commonly.

In addition to the benefits of garcinia cambogia, the fruit is also proven to reduce the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body. Not just this, it also eases inflammation to some point.

Garcinia cambogia has shown good weight loss results in animals. However, whether or not it has the same level of effects on human, cannot be said. The need for more research on humans tends to exist, so that a clear decision about its effectiveness, or ineffectiveness should be made.


ShowImageAs mentioned earlier, we cannot judge the effectiveness of the fruit, particularly when it has showed good results on animals.  A supplement by the name garcinia cambogia has been tried on humans. Several studies have been conducted to check its effectiveness, however, what’s worth mentioning here is the review of 9 studies. These studies
compared the effects of this super fruit against a dummy pill. Though, few studies did not result in showing major weight loss, however some resulted in showing a drastic difference in the groups that were given the fruit. On an average, the shedding of weight sourced by this super fruit was around 2 lbs more than the dummy pills.

Despite this, we cannot simply rely on the studies as these had some flaws and were conducted on a small scale. Besides, participants were asked to exercise and stick to a healthy diet, which too, may have affected their weight.

In addition to this, a particular study was carried out in the recent times. Comparatively to the previous ones, it was the largest of all. It took a sample of 135 people, all with unhealthy weight. The study ended up showing no drastic change in the weight of participants, whereas the weight lost by the group on garcinia cambogia was equal to what was lost by the group on placebo. Considering this, it can be said that even if the fruit works, then the results are insignificant and unpredictable. Whether a supplement will work or not is more depended on its quality and more importantly, your eating habits.


Even though, the fruit is more studied to evaluate its weight loss effects, however, researchers have found that garcinia cambogia holds other health benefits as well. For instance, a study resulted in showing that the fruit has helped to lower triglycerides and low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Not just this, it has also showed to increase good cholesterol, or say, HDL cholesterol in humans.

In addition to the benefits of garcinia cambogia, a study showed that the fruit has helped to lower down the fat, encompassing the belly area. Indeed, fat that surrounds your belly or any other organ is a health threat for you for it can source a disease!

Even though, the study has showed positive effects of the fruit, on health, yet, in order to a make clear conclusion, more quality research needs to be done on garcinia cambogia.


imagesUnfortunately, the extracts of this super fruit are not available through a health store; however, garcinia cambogia can be used in the form of supplements. So, if you wish to use garcinia cambogia, you can purchase a good quality supplement that includes 50-60% HCA.

Remember, the supplement market is full of scams and counterfeit products, thus, before you go for a brand, make sure that the company is well reputed. Plus, do not forget to check that the supplement you are seeking is approved by food and administration drug. Indeed, quality is what matters the most, particularly when it comes to safety!

Repeating again, go for a brand that includes 50-60% HCA. The recommended dosage of the supplement would be around 500mg that has to be taken thrice every day. It is more preferable if you take your dosage half an hour or an hour before taking your meals.

It is important to mention that the suggested dose of every supplement can differ. Thus, do not forget to follow what’s instructed on the label of your supplement and follow the instructions accordingly.


Doctor shows information on blackboard: side effects

A study conducted few years back ended up showing that the fruit did not instigate any harmful or serious health complications. Though, it showed that participants who took the fruit complaint about digestive problems. Besides, other side effects that may prompt with the usage of garcinia cambogia are listed below:

Even though, no serious side effects have been reported to arise with the usage of garcinia cambogia, however, for all those suffering from medical problems should seek their health care providers prior using a garcinia cambogia-based supplement. Plus, if you are taking other medicines, do not use the supplement unless discussing the odds with your doctor.

Garcinia cambogia supplement or any other supplement that is meant to lose weight is not meant for expected women. Besides, you should also avoid if you are breastfeeding your child or are not turned 18 yet.

So, as you can see, the side effects rooted with the usage of garcinia cambogia are relatively minor and easy to tackle. This shows that the fruit, or a supplement based on garcinia cambogia is safe and does not possess harmful effects. So, if you are healthy and willing to try garcinia cambogia, then you can feel free to do that as the chances of toxicity is next to nil.


garcinia-pillsTo some extent, yes! Studies that have been conducted on the fruit have shown moderate weight loss effects, say, 2 lbs in some weeks. However, the secret to turn a weight loss supplement effective is known by all. That is, to add your part and efforts!

Yes, to exercise, eat healthy, take more water and yes, sleep well! However, if you wish to stay in shape for a longer period of time, then you must make major amendments in your lifestyle and should follow it for lifelong! As known, supplements and diet fads are good for short time effects!


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